17 December 2006

A boat which swims

Splish splash I was taking a bath

Biomimetics having fun, as an Innespace Dolphin demonstrates.

The engine’s air intake is atop the fin & the boat needs to be moving to go completely under, which it will do. There is also a two-seater, named Sea Breacher.

The boats are made from fibreglass & kevlar; the cockpit canopies are from jet fighters (F16 & F22).


Anonymous said...

Noland Corporation, TARCO Research and BionicDolphin.com are currently the ONLY legitimate, authorized contacts for the patented VASH, Bionic Dolphin™ (submersible dolphin, dolphin watercraft) technology. No licensing has been granted for entertainment, exhibitions, rides, racing, manufacturing or distribution at this point. Any claims to the contrary by Innespace productions or any other entity other than those mentioned above must be considered false and misleading.

Leon Brooks said...

Yeah, I’d expect a couple of years to pass before that changes very much.