05 December 2006

Another cancer cure: chew a mushroom

Coriolus versicolor, a Chinese mushroom, boosts the human immune system to help prevent cancer.

Now here’s an interesting quote:

“It entered the medication area in Asia and we didn’t know about it, maybe because there were no patents on it,” said Prof Borody [director of Sydney’s PSK Information Foundation]

Imagine that, a lack of innovation being blamed on an innovation-killer!

More detail:

“When we look at the publications that have been carried out by independent investigators, it really makes a major difference in survival,” he said.

“This polysaccharide has very, very, few side effects and yet when taken long term, it seems to work as an anti-tumour agent via immunological stimulation.”

Oh, yes... & Australia seems to have hammered England in the cricket... & Fiji seems to be having a revolution.

Hey, it’s the world, stuff’s happening, follow the links if you’re curious. (-:

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