01 December 2006

All stapled together

Well, my head’s back together...Number One clip & they stapled it shut, this time. Our GP’s going to have fun with staple-removers next week. Yes, the removers were included as part of the deal!

Surgery was remarkably quick, & I woke up later that afternoon with a complete head & minimal pain (well... truly imperceptible pain for having a chunk of metal screwed into my head, but paracetamol is still needed; applause for the absence of anything stronger).

I’m amazed that I can be out of hospital two days after the surgery. Not saying everything’s perfect, but for the work that was done it’s a remarkably quick turn-around time.

I’ve met lots of other patients whose lives had been much improved by a few short minutes (or in some cases hours) of cut-&-paste — it leads me to wonder how well we’d do if we truly understood surgery, rather than simply building on our current collection of functional rituals, which are already impressive.

It also leads me to wonder how much of this technology can be exported to places which lack any of it & how much of the technology involved can be simplified enough to make this practial. Certainly not all of it that I know of, but perhaps enough to make a positive difference?

I my own case, we wait to see how well it all worked, because there are nasties which can reveal themselves after days, weeks, months... however, Professor Stokes seemed quite pleased with the results so far, which I find very encouraging.


lucychili said...


senectus said...

great news mate :-)
Congrats and goodluck!

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks guys!

I'll probably find out on Monday when the surgeon inpects his work, just how well it really is going so far.

If all goes according to schedule, our GP will clip the staples out on Friday.

Leon Brooks said...

As a later update says, the surgeon will be clipping the staples on the coming Monday, not the GP. Sad, he would have found it interesting and challenging.

I also found out that my cranioplasty is likely to take a while to seal my skull properly, which means I can't fly in a pressurised aeroplane for a month or few. So... no conf this year, sadly. I might get a video of my presentation made.