17 November 2006

Welcome to the digital universe...

The Hayden Planetarium (American Museum of Natural History, New York) is offering a Digital Universe Atlas for download, for the three most popular platforms (Mac/Doze/Linux). This atlas allows you to wander around the Universe in scales from Solar System size down to having the entire universe presented in a small ball.

You can see planetary orbits, our stellar neighbourhood, or view the entire Milky Way Galaxy (or entire Universe!) from afar off, either as symbols or in some cases as neatly labelled points (e.g. “Aldebaran” marked as being a nearby star system).

So... get to know your neighbourhood!

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Leon Brooks said...

This is a vote-for thing as well: do the survey after downloading the Atlas, amongst other things, ou get to tell the surveyors what you'd like to use it on.