13 November 2006

Wanted: FOSS 'blog code

I’ve had a customer query about setting up a weblog site that they can drop emails into fairly easily.

Reaching into your acres of ’blogging experience, please give me some decent hints about what FOSS (preferably Linux-based) ’blog software is available and how well it would do at being such an application.

If it relaxes you and helps you to think evenly about this, imagine that this site will be attacked by authorities not being favourably mentioned in the posted emails and/or user comments.

It’s all in a genuinely good cause, and in support of hard-working, enterprising Australians, but you can’t expect everyone to be utterly happy with what’s being said, even on an excellent day, can you?


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure what you mean by "blog software they can drop emails into", but wordpress has a feature that allows you to mail your post to a nominated address, and it will squirt it across as a blog post, I've used for a few Nerdvana customers, who seem happy with it.

Steve W.

Leon Brooks said...

Er... the translation is that they can readily (drag &) drop email messages in as 'blog posts; hopefully with some of the details filed off.

Thanks for the recommend.