12 November 2006

Updating blogger.com entry refreshes whole blog

This means that if I do it again, I can unplug the Planets first, and avoid flooding y’all with posts.

Blogger don’t mention any such thing in the update adverts.


Also discovered that putting a plain ampersand (instead of &) into a post now switches off ampersand processing below that in the post, whereas a plain ampersand used to come out as, well, an ampersand.


Kylie Willison said...

Hi Leon
This happened to me yesterday on planet.linux.org.au and live.linuxchix.org Now I don't feel quite so bad that I'm not the only one it's happened to. Hmm I wish Blogger had mentioned it too.


Leon Brooks said...

Ah, that explains it. You don't come across as careless at all, so a cascade of posts recently surprised me.

I was glad to be able to sign on and post as me, though, which many other blogs either don't let you do or you need to register to achieve.

Stephen Thorne said...

I found that going to Blogger Beta not only turned whatever planets you're syndicated on into "Planet Jerub" (or in your case, "Planet Brooks"), but it would put into the RSS feed whatever posts you had as /Drafts/, but as soon as you 'republish' your blog, they would disappear again.

So I've got a half written draft post on obscure mathematics I wrote while still-drunk-from-the-night-before indellibly aggregated over at livejournal (and with 3 comments on it too) that I never wanted to publish in the first place. The same post appeared on planet humbug and twisted.

Quite Substandard in my humble opinion.

Leon Brooks said...

stephen: ooch!

My drafts get published fairly quickly, or obliterated, so I didn't trip over that one. Yet.