14 November 2006

Sun now GPLing: OpenSolaris

After GPLing Java, Sun are moving forward and GPLing OpenSolaris now.

“Will you GPL Solaris, Mr. Green?”

“We will take a close look at it,” Green said, adding that it was possible that the familiarity and comfort level many developers have with the GPL may result in Sun adopting it for OpenSolaris.

Both men positioned Sun’s embracing of GPL for Java as an important change in the software landscape, which the company hopes will result in much greater adoption of all flavors of Java across mobile devices and computers.

They’re right: it is an important change in the software landscape.

Dollars to doughtnuts a certain wannabee-Linux company finds a way to sue Sun for Opening Java. Or OpenSolaris. Or something... they’re running out of fame, and running out of gambits, and that’s gotta be making them desperate now.

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