02 November 2006

Non-LCA2007 organiser registers for LCA2007

After looking at all of the Conf organisers on Planet LinuxAus mentioning that registration is now open, I suspected that a few people would like to hear from non-Conf-organisers who had registered.

That’s me!

The value I found in earlier LCAs made attendance pretty much inevitable, despite having to cross the country — in fact, go almost as far as New Zealand from here — and stay away from work for more than a week.

As well as the voluminous raw information to hand there, you will also find the real, original authors of great (& famous within our universe) software standing around in person where you can ask them questions & (on a good day :-) get real answers.

On top of this, there are many “less shiny” people & some real characters kicking about, providing a steady (well, in some ways) antithesis for boredom & idleness.

Come along, spend some time interacting, go home bursting with motivation & information. It’s not a perfect world, but this is one of the useful parts, set right here in Oz. (-:

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