26 November 2006

That's my mop to chop

We chopped most of my hair off today (the surgeons are going to do a more thorough job in a few days), & it reminded me of the size of my dent.A mop for chopping

On the top half of the photo, you can see a lighter arc in my hair. That’s my scalp, behind the chunk the surgeon removed. The ridge itself is a bit over a cm tall, the dent it surrounds gets as deep as a couple of cm.

In the bottom half, imagine a round head rather than the squared-off one pictured; the removed bit is everything between squared-off & rounded. The top of the squared bit is soft.

I’m amazed (no wise-backside comments, thanks) that there’s so much redundancy in a head. It’s only an inch or so, but it still speaks well for our ability to survive head impacts & perhaps hints at how early trepanning/trephining operations succeeded.


lucychili said...

hope things go smoothly
waves from SA

Major said...

All the best with the surgery.

What is the schedule?

Leon Brooks said...

major: schedule was chop at 13:00 on Wednesday. I actually got chopped about 13:30 and was on my (wobbly) legs that same evening.

Next events are an inspection in the surgeon’s office on Monday, & staple-ectomy at my GP’s on Friday.

Sorry for no replies until last Friday, but I got kind of busy in between times. (-: