06 November 2006

Leon Vulnerability, Day Two

I carefully don’t plan on doing this again — that is, pasting my head into the road. Today was completely shot as well, with back pain & such.

One thing I’ve said before about widespread injuries (other than “don’t do it!”) is that there’s not so much a single piece of damage that one can point to and complain about, as dozens of them. Each one sounds too minor to be really worth panicking about, but together they get a bit overwhelming. And this lasts for years, possibly for the rest of a lifetime.

I guess that all I can really recommend is: “don’t do it!”

I see the odd turkey riding a mini-bike or something like a little quad around our street, & they reckon it’s safe because there’s very little traffic. They rarely even wear skin-cover, let alone something “drastic” like a helmet.

It takes just one piece of traffic — or none — to ruin their life... but on the other hand, they wear so little protective gear that whatever accident they have is almost certainly going to be their last one anyway.

Please, don’t become one of them.

Think before you go out & at least wear a decent helmet.

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