10 November 2006

GPL is officially trustworthy

Judge Easterbrook of the US Seventh Circuit has said “GPL & open-source have nothing to fear from the antitrust laws” when backing up a decision made by the District Court for the Southern District of Indiana when it dismissed an anti-competitive charge against IBM, Red Hat & Novell, from last December.

It’s hardly an earth-shaking decision, but it is an official statement from the litigeous USA, one which supports the Freedom of Linux and FOSS in general, and...

Instead of being a restraint on trade, the court held that the GPL serves to foster creativity, by enabling the free distribution and building of new derivative works.

...thus it places the emphasis on the Freedom in FOSS rather than getting entangled in the corporate background.

It’s nice to see decision-makers getting the main point & ignoring the distractions.


Guy Barry said...

This is a great decision based on encouraging creativity.Long live open source,you think?

Leon Brooks said...

I think that scores of little decisions like this will help.