07 November 2006

Electric sky

Here’s a book with ambitions:

[...] until recently, I assumed that astronomers and astrophysicists knew what they were talking about.
Now — I’m sure they do not.
[...] Earning a doctorate in electrical engineering eventually led to my teaching that subject at a major university for thirty-nine years. What troubled me most was when astrophysicists began saying things about magnetic fields that any of my junior-year students could show were completely incorrect.

Electric Sky has a good, close look at what Astronomy is saying, under the light of Plasma Physics. The author also writes:

I have tried to hack a path through these hypotheses, contradictions, and alternative explanations that will be clear and understandable for the average interested reader to follow. The answers to the questions we ask are not stressfully convoluted and arcane — rather, they are logical, straightforward, and reasonable — and long overdue.

So... it looks like a good, clear read.


Geoff Cureton, Perth WA said...

Based on your interest in "Electric Sky" we have determined that you might also be interested in http://thunderboltsfilm.com, and http://www.crank.net/astronomy.html. And magic ponies ;-) Don't forget to leave a review for other interested readers...

Leon Brooks said...

The magic ponies were quite tasty with enough garlic salt added.

The on-line chapter is quite an interesting read. They manage to explain a large number of features which conventional astronomy kind of ignores or talks its way around.

That doesn't mean that this is completely correct, but it's a big hint that they might be on the right track, or close enough to be worth following up on.

Major said...

eat magic ponies?

I'll tell your daughter on you!

Leon Brooks said...

Major: they're not ponies. (-:

PS, don't dare tell Arrows about them. She'll want one. Yani has more sense... usually.