09 November 2006

Effective bread-making, simplified

The techniques for producing excellent bread, it turns out, are relatively simple & straightforward.

Bread looks like a straightforward dish, so that won’t appear surprising to many people, but some of the detail involved in taking it from a loaf to something special could become complicated.

A chap named Jim Lahey has sorted out what simply works & how to achieve that with minimal fussing around:

I’ll be teaching a truly minimalist breadmaking technique that allows people to make excellent bread at home with very little effort. The method is surprisingly simple — I think a 4-year-old could master it — and the results are fantastic.

The technique features:

  • no kneading
  • no special ingredients
  • no special equipment
  • no special rituals
  • little yeast
  • quite high (42%) moisture
  • elapsed time (up to a day) to do the work, rather than great effort

If you try it, please ’blog about your results, so we can all see.

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