17 November 2006

Broadband for mobiles?

A bunch of companies are getting together to offer flat-rate-per-month higher-bandwidth services from mobile ’phones, including free Skype calls. It’ll be interesting to see if/how/when this all comes together.

“Wider bandwidth” includes remotely/graphically accessing one’s home computer, as well as more usual web & email-like facilities.

3 (AKA Hutchison) are included, as well as Sling, so we could see TV amongst the higher-bandwidth features added to “X-Series” ’phone services.

Also in the crowd were Sony-Ericsson & Microsoft, so we&rqsquo;re left to presume that an Instant Messenger service will be in the mix, along with hosts of viruses. I’m not sure how I’d feel about insecurities in my intelligent ’phone, but at this range, it doesn’t come across as inspiring. Well... unless you like to feel inspired to headbutt walls all of a sudden.

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Anonymous said...

interesting phobia you have, have you had your head read about it...

I believe it is the symbian powered phones that have been hit with viruses etc