23 November 2006

Accidentally cut off

Woke up this morning to no Internet. Loss! Trauma! Sat on a ’phone for a long time (half an hour?) waiting for AmNet Tech Support to come good (at a few minutes to 7AM).

The bloke (“Lam”, he was Korean) hunted around for a bit then told me I'd been cut off for non-payment of bills. What? They”d hit my credit card for some tens of dollars not a week ago?

Lam hunted around a bit more and discovered a bug in their accounting system. We’d been charged the money, it had come out of the card & not been passed on to their electronic accounting system.

Lam fixed the electronic accounting & we came back to life about 2 minutes later. ’T was a tad scarey, as I had bundles of stuff ready to ship to the UK over the wire & so on.

Comms over the ’Net are getting kind of telephonic in intensity, not to mention that we never bother reading a newspaper any more ’coz some interested person either emails us or tells a news site that we read. We use it as a telephone book, map, all kinds of stuff, & have done so for years. A move to the sticks would come hard, even though we can get reasonable bandwidth anywhere we can get power.


senectus said...

Keep an eye on them, Amnet are notorious for not debiting payments, or debiting too much. Their accounting system is quite broken and has been for some time.
I've encountered it twice now within 12 months where they haven't billed me or billed me twice.

Leon Brooks said...

OK, thanks. I'll do that.

My book-keeper was being non-billed by them, which was nice, but they kept stuffing things up on him as well. Now he's with WestNet.

AmCom tell us they've recently added over 3000 Telstra customers to their ADSL collection. Having experienced Telstra's service, anything has to be an improvement. (-: