13 November 2006

Abell 3376 = arcs 11.0E+18 km across

The galaxy cluster Abell 3376 is dropping electric arcs 3 million light-years across.

Simultaneously across a (very) wide front.

This is kind of difficult to explain using the traditional “waves of crashing gas” style of guesses, but fairly simple to explain with an electromagnetic universe, of which Abell 3376 would represent one single filamentry string from the bundle.

In plasma cosmology, it is the electric force that accelerates charged particles at energies up to 1020 electron volts.

You won’t see gravity doing that except maybe in a black hole or neutron star. That’s a bucketload of volts. (-:


Geoff Cureton, Perth WA said...

Hmm, it seemingly only gets worse. I was probably a little obtuse in my previous post. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I'll just put it straight out there...

Don Scott belongs most likely to the ranks of, and the people behind thunderbolts.info most certainly are, absolute cranks.

Some reasonable pointers as to whether the veracity of an ersatz scientist might be doubted include:

1: Further adoption of their theories are hampered by the ignorance or willful suppression by the conventional scientific "elite".

2: Characterisation of the scientific elite as the keepers of some kind of revealed, as opposed to discovered, knowledge, drawing a deliberate parallel with religious dogma. In other words, only after years as a faithful acolyte is one allowed into their cozy little club. Anyone else need not apply.

3: Parroting of a well accepted scientific fact out of context, to support a conclusion which is completely at odds with the full context of the original fact.

Number 3 is my favourite, and is a dealbreaker in terms of accounting for the cosmic scale structure of the universe in terms of electromagnetic effects. Specifically, to quote Don Scott, "Electromagnetic forces between electrical charges are many orders of magnitude stronger than Newton’s gravitational force, and we are finding that deep space is filled with electrical charges and magnetic energy." It is true that the electromagnetic forces are many orders of magnitude stronger than gravity, and that the idea that the structure of the universe is governed by gravity defies belief. However, what is never pointed out is that the universe on cosmic scales is, to a good approximation, electrical neutral. The fact that space is filled with charged particles does not account for much if the positive and negative charges are (overall) evenly distributed. Sources of gravitational influence, on the other hand, have only one charge, and hence can only add. This is significant over cosmic length scales.

Finally, a reasonable sign that Don Scott and thunderbolts.info are cranks is that they are one trick ponies (yes, those damn ponies again!). Attempting to account for all of astrophysics and astronomy, any probably more, with appeals to "Plasma Cosmology" stretches credulity to the limit.

You seem to be genuinely interested in astronomy and related areas, which is a rare thing these days. However, the "Electric Cosmos" psuedoscience and related claptrap is best relegated to the bit bucket. The universe fascinating enough without it.

Leon Brooks said...

Unfortunately, pre-existant theories also come up dry when trying to explain these things, so we do need a replacement, even if not plasma-cosmos as it stands.

IMESHO, these guys are hunting in the right direction, even if they have been run down for now by traditional viewpoint polarisation.

Electrically neutral in general doesn't quite handwave local variations millions of light-years across. It'll be interesting to see what the final answer works out to be.