05 October 2006

Yanchep today

Koala at Yanchep

We went to visited the koalas, caves & cockies at Yanchep today.

The black cockies have white tail-feathers (the usuals around here have red ones), apparently because they’re being driven up towards yanchep by the pace of suburban development further south.

The caves were excellent — different, nothing breath-takingly large but quite pretty.

The koalas were soft & fluffy, as you’d tend to expect for something that can take up to five days to digest a meal (of gum-leaves).

Many of the terroriststourists were a bit of a worry, rowing boats backwards, walking into walls, getting pecked by ducks, that kind of thing. But we survived OK and had a fine time.

We had just feasted on a bunch of strawberries from the local fuel station (they have a stand for them, it’s not as if they were being ejected from the hose or anything) so were feeling quite replete.

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