21 October 2006

Spoiled by Linux again

This evening’s spoilage is the Penguin Liberation Front repositories.

They contain stuff like a passel of multimedia codecs, and a newer version of Opera than I had. So... the big, serious update command reads like this:

urpmi --auto-sel

Woof, that’s hard!

For context, I’m comparing this with the traditional process of manually checking version numbers & finding downloadable chunks which will install an upgrade, then downloading them, running them, finding the broken bits & patching those, renaming and/or moving some pieces, editing mystery config files (or registry entries), fetching some “glue logic”... lots of stuff which I have no interest in or reason for doing, because I use Linux.

My previous non-PLF update had just sharpened my ClamAV database, so I didn’t even have the excuse of blundering across a virus somewhere.

Not that I ever have (in Linux) but the tripwire was there in case I somehow did this time.

Later, I used my shiny new Opera to browse some interesting astronomy images & read a book. It’s a very fast, efficient, neat & safe web-browser, so I do appreciate it.

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