24 October 2006

OSWA shutting-down party, Mon 30th October

Quoting Phill Twiss

G’Day All :}

I am in the final stages of shutting down the OSWA Center ( part of the reason I havent been responding to some of these posts ).

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone for their assistance and support of OSWA, and to invite you all ( and anyone else you know who is into opensource in one way or another ) to closing drinks on Monday 30th October 2006 in the afternoon/evening. ( I was thinking of starting around 4pm, finishing ohhh , I dunno, later the same day :} ).

Of course, since we have no budget ( and never really had one ), I would request that you bring along a few of whatever you want to drink ( Ill have some food and maybe stump up for a couple of pizzas :}, but recommend you bring some nibblies too :} )

Nearly everything is packed up. Leaving a nice big empty area for plenty of people, so dont be shy, its your last chance.

Dont forget, the address is :-

Enterprise Unit 3, Suite 3
11 Broadie Hall Drive
Bentley  WA  6102

Fell free to cross post this to any site/list that you think may appreciate it :} All are welcome :}



Phill Twiss

P.S. For more info, I will probably post details of whats happening on


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