03 October 2006

Odds now 1:2 of WA getting its big scope

It seems that Western Australia is one of two on the shortlist for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope to be plonked down near Mileura Station, 100km west of Meekatharra (here in Western Australia).

“Plonked down” doesn’t even start to cover it. There are listening station sites scattered all over WA, a handful across Oz, one even at Dunedin in south-west NZ, where LCA2006 happened.

Getting the ’scope would cause lots of industry here as the parts were built & installed, international recognition & visiting scientists, plus no doubt a few scientists choosing to live near the installation, if not on the station itself then in & around Meekatharra. Only a few people, overall, but with wide-spread effects.

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