23 October 2006

More non-tech website logs

HitsPercent Browser
783066.66% Micro$oft Internet Exploder
192416.38% Firefox
186715.89% Netscape
1241.06% Opera

Pulled from a Webalizer report, hence the initial browser name. “Netscape” includes Mozilla but not Firefox, and many of those are AppleWebKit (artists).


Anonymous said...

666...6 see it really is the work of the anti christ, plus some

Leon Brooks said...

...and times some.

The last batch could have included antichrist, or at least an antichrist — but not this one.

Major said...

High-precision Antichrist?

What was the "non-tech site" in question (if you are at liberty to answer)?

Leon Brooks said...

major: going to swear off answering until the end of the month & will keep recording browser stats until then.

the site won’t be startling to you, but the visitors are almost strictly non-technical in nature — both genders, range of philosophies, worldwide.