28 October 2006

Man goes partly sane

Manolis Tzanidakis installs SANE on a machine or two & explains (carefully) that you don’t need extra software to share your scanner(s) across your LAN.

Most modern distributions will install SANE more neatly & automate the network setup somewhat, but he does get the point across that SANE is shareable, & the conspicuous absence of licence fees is bound to strike a few people who read the article.

A point he doesn’t get into is that with an SSH forward or two, you can share your scanner with road-warriors, as well. This compares favourably with the bodgy, every-one-different scanner programs available under other systems (“TWAIN is not SANE”), where to run someone else’s scanner you basically have to take over (effectively stop) their machine while you do it.

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