06 October 2006

Ichthyosaur roadkill

Ichthyosaur and plesiosaur fossils neat enough to be described as “they look like ‘roadkill’ ” from the comment “Something happened with the chemistry that’s really good for bone preservation. Some skeletons are pale white even though they’re in black shale”. This includes “the monster”, a pliosaur probably measuring 8m long.

Comments include:

You can’t walk for more than 100m without finding a skeleton. That’s amazing anywhere in the world


Everything we’re finding is articulated. It’s not single bones here and there, and bits and pieces — these are complete skeletons

...which is quite remarkable, compared to many “boneyard” collections.

I guess Jorn Harald Hurum & the other officials of the University of Oslo’s Natural History Museum will be both excited & busy for some time in their section of Spitsbergen, in the Svalbard archipelago (a set of Acrtic islands north of Norway).

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