17 October 2006

GIMP's getting GEGL

This linux.com article shows that GEGL has been pulled off the slag-heap and made to work.

Still very experimental, the demo mentioned in the article is just a test-bed, but it implies that GEGL will be available for GIMP sooner rather than later.

What does this mean for GIMP?

Portability, for starters.

Porting GIMP won’t involve rewriting the graphics display code, colour management etc, it just needs a GEGL port for the majority of the display changes.

GEGL will also adapt The GIMP better to odd display types (indexed, for example) & one GEGL port will move a lot more than The GIMP across platforms.

Changes made to the common GIMP code will be present (& effectively tested) across all platforms, allowing GIMP programmers to focus more on what the program does and less on how it manages to actually do it all.

Esoterica like CMYK will more or less fall out of GEGL as a part of the plan, Special colour-spaces won’t be so much work any more. This will eventually also hold true for printer drivers, too, and things like 3D display modes.

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