22 October 2006

Feeling fit? Try doing something normal

Today’s episode consisted of feeding some bits of grass & other plant debris to a small & perfectly safe electric mulching machine. It has to be perfectly safe, so I could pass out using it & not hurt myself.

After much less than an hour of doing this minor task, I was completely frazzled: sore back, slightly wobbly limbs, tired, all of the hallmark reminders that I’m physically damaged.

I kept getting the thing jammed up, too, a sign that I can’t even cut stuff to bits with any talent any more, which is definitely not typical of the prior me. Glad I’d fixed up a customer’s machine in the morning, because if I’d tried to do it in the afternoon, I’d have failed. Miserably.

Note to self: distrust cars by default. Even J Random Peaceful Driver might have malice tucked away in his (or her) furry little heart.

The thing about taking a head injury isn’t so much a focus on having a single big fault to complain about as having dozens of little, annoying things popping up constantly, for years.


Leon Brooks said...

This morning, I felt knackered as well. Being awoken at 05:30 by the littlies didn’t help, either, but there was still that tired, lasting heaviness.

It sounds like whining — & really it is — but the pain & tiredness are hardly voluntary, either. And it can slice off a day or half a day without warning.

Do take extra care around cars. Being in one will hardly protect you, either. The things move fast & hit hard & no matter how certain you are of what they’re going to do, they’re being driven by people whose brains are differently informed to yours.

lucychili said...

If it makes you feel better Ive had pretty frustrating times with eletric mulchers myself. They are a nice idea but I think they were not designed by people who expected to use them.