16 October 2006

Enjoying some Aiyana time

Herself was up for the first week of the holidays & at her “Grinpa’s” request, up for the second week as well.

Being a teen from a split family is never a bed of roses, but Aiyana seems to have come along very well so far.

There are issues — some of which can be stepped around & others of which just have to be lived with — but she put up with a fair few of them this time around, showing very little complaining & much steadines of heart.

I’m not sure what I did to deserve such an excellent daughter, but I’m very grateful for her & for time with her.

Now what I’m looking for is a good way to make her life less stressful.

Not “easier” as such — since I suspect that much of her patient character has been born in the storm, so to speak — but a method for finding solutions that genuinely achieve the incredible goal of pleasing everyone involved. That’s harder than it sounds, but I expect it to be occasionally possible.

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