02 October 2006

Echoes of sticky tentacles

Perhaps its just me, but this part reads very form-letter to my eyes:

please be aware that because {$SITE} is most compatible with Internet Explorer, and as you or {$NAME} may be aware, using other Browsers can cause discrepancies in accessing ${SITE} properly. Due to the fact that we are trying to enhance the site, and that Internet Explorer is the most used Browser, then this is the reason for our recommendation to use this type for Program.

I asked them why they didn’t simply stick to international standards which worked across many web browsers. I also asked how someone who was not able to use MSIE operated their site & gave them a few examples of work-sites which had switched off MSIE for security reasons (didn’t say so, but some of these switched it off after fellow sites had been completely snowed-under by black-hat software pulled down through MSIE; so far, abstainence has worked for them).

Note that their instructions included clearing the cache (& “files”, whatever that amounts to) on MSIE. I didn’t say so outright, but that indicates to me that they have massive server problems anyway, beyond & beneath HTML formats.

Let’s see if I get an answer.

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