10 October 2006

Aliens detected on Mars

This Astrononmy Picture Of the Day shows an interesting thing:

An unusual spot has been found on Mars that scientists believe is not natural in origin. The spot appears mobile and is now hypothesized to be a robot created by an intelligent species alien to Mars.

The spot is the Opportunity rover, which was indeed built by aliens-to-Mars (yup, that’s us!).

It was still impressive (to my tiny little brain, anyway) to be able to make out individual rover features from an orbiting sat-shot. You can see not just the camera tower (as pointed out in the page) but also the solar panels, “head” & general orientation of Opportunity.

If you could make such shots down through Earth’s atmosphere (who says that you can’t?), you’d be able to hazard a good guess at who was driving certain vehicles, and the like.

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