15 September 2006

Yani weekend? Jet-lagged & reset, anyway.

It seems that Aiyana will be up this weekend instead — not sure exactly why & she’s coming up by coach instead of train, so there may be a detailed explanation to this.

Today was quiet but otherwise very jet-lagged (arriving home & sacking out by 01:30AM seems to do that) & how how-to-raise-children meeting (ie, how to do it neatly, without trashing them) this morning was cancelled so I’m feeling slightly de-railed at the moment, despite being among familiar scenery again.

I re-set my laptop’s networking again, so my flat/boring 8139-clone LAN interface works as it once did (ie, no fiddling) and my “Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG” card likewise.

That was it for excitement today, such as it was. Looking forward to a top weekend, now.

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