20 September 2006

Ten buck boots

SWMBO has been doing some interesting shopping at op-shops, including buying three sets of reasonable-quality leather boots at $10 a pair, thus equipping the Mills family (wife & at least one, probably 2, children out of 5) with footware in the course of about fifteen minutes.

Such marvels of economy can’t be universal, of course, otherwise the being-strapped-for-cash terms in one’s life wouldn’t be so bad.

It turns out that now is the time I set out to discover that certain ADSL routers can’t really forward inbound UDP traffic correctly through their NATs. It took a while to eliminate all of the other possibilities, but that seems to be it. 5-letter name, begins with a ‘d’, no surprises there.

Even though there’s not a lot of control to exercise here, to do this doesn’t make one look stellar as a technician.

Ah, well, hopefully a TCP VPN won’t be such a bear over ADSL. I can DMZ the server end, and that gives me half a connection, but can’t DMZ the client end.

Hooray that their main backups traverse via rsync, which is TCP, compressed & efficient [waves a grateful thank-you to Tridge].

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