10 September 2006

Tamborine Mountain hike

Cameron Falls

Went for a drive up Tamborine Mountain today (the missing “U” is deliberate, it ain’t there on the signs either) & had a picnic lunch at The Knoll with our hosts (Peter & Diane Mills), followed by a walk down to see Cameron Falls (pictured) AKA Sandy Creek Circuit.

There was a set of country markets (Tamborine Mountain Country Markets) running at the top of the hill, & I picked up some truly delicious Hot Chilli Chutney there (Lucy scored some delicious Lemon Butter) from E Petersen’s “HomeMade Preserves” (really based in Toowoomba). The Chutney is apparently used as a curry base by genuine Indians and Sri Lankans — after tasting it, I can see why. (-:

The rainforesty bits were impressively beautiful & we had turkeys (Australian bush turkeys, not the common gobblers of Yankee festive seasons) come to supervise our eating.

Driving up there was a bit bouncy, but the walking track was well fitted-out, with an edge of flat rocks on the dangerous side plus fences across the truly dangerous parts.

The truly interesting bits of the falls were highly accessible (except for the final hundred-metre-or-so drop) & there were impressively-trashed trees lying around, just like there would be In Real Life.

’T’was a memorable day, all in all. (-:

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