26 September 2006

Split split split split personality workstations

LinuxWorld London’s Linux-based cyber-cafe will be done with two machines.

No, twelve.

Well... really two, but they’re acting as twelve using multiple screens, keyboards & mice.

This is something I’ve done a few times over the years, but I only ever got up to three screens on one machine. It’s nice to see it being done more effectively & in batches of six at a time.

The reduction in set-up effort allowed these people to get twelve screens happy from scratch in under 30 minutes. Individual machines would have taken roughly three hours to get going.

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Leon Brooks said...

Oh... those 3 cards were only possible because the machines had (wait for it) VL-BUSS video cards.

For those who don't remember VL-BUSS, it was a sort of super-stretched AT cardset, with some almost PCI-looking connectors stuck up the other end (inboard) of the card. It was common to get a machine with one VL-BUSS card containing video and one with disk controllers, serial, parallel, games etc. Often plus one spare slot.

The machines in question had 3 VL slots and on-board disk controllers, so I used one VL for each video card, serial (RS-232) ports for mice and and the keyboards through mouse ports (which are, after all, serial ports).