06 September 2006

Some work, some Queensland

I get to polish up an upgrade from Mandrake 8.2 to Mandriva 2006.0 today, the last details of which are quite slow (I have to do a trial upgrade of part of its packages, then add non-obvious dependencies and maybe temporarily remove some packages, then have it try again, repeat until done & the big bunch it’s doing now takes about half an hour to process).

Tomorrow night, we get to fly off to Queensland for a week, to visit some friends of Lucy’s and interrupt some of the dispiriting social & mental loops we’ve become stuck within.

Unfortunately, Aiyana won’t be accompanying us, as her Collie family have said “No” and made all manner of unsubtle suggestions about how angry they’d be if she went anyway (basically, there’s a risk that they’d “cut the rope” on her if she did). Never mind that the excuses have no real basis in fact, or that we’ve OKed her going to places like Sydney with her bio-Mum in the past. )-:

Tomorrow morning, I get to update a customer’s server from Mandriva 10.1 to 2006.0, which should be much simpler than the seven generations I’m doing in one batch now. I guess that the number of updates to do now reflects me having been essentially off the air for over seven months.

With my head getting a plate inside it within a few weeks, I might even get to visit my Chiropractor for the first time in nearly a year. That’ll be a considerable relief, as lots of the remaining bursts of pain seem to fit his discipline.