12 September 2006

Sizzlers in Brisbane

Yesterday’s lunch expedition was much more conventional. We trundled down many tens of kilometers of 8-lane 120km“Motorway” (the Smith Street Motorway and the Pacific Motorway) into Brisbane and ate at the Sizzlers there (well... at Mermaid Beach anyway).

These banana-benders are fairly serious about their bus-lanes — there were braces of them in six-lane & even some four-lane roads. They are also quite up-front about the risks in yakking on one’s mobile en-route, as active signs on the motorway reminded us that it was $225.00 & 3 demerit points per offence. They’re pretty slack about speed-limits, though, as we saw many vehicles doing well over 120km/hr in a 110 zone.

We almost came a cropper before a careless driver. The vehicle we were following crossed an intersection, then two other vehicles entered our road by turning rightwards across & into it towards us (out of a stopping zone). Uphill. The second one followed the first & if Lucy hadn’t danced on the brake pedal we would have driven straight through it on the way past. With the accompanying crunching & screeching noises, too.

Sizzlers was kind of staggered at having to seat 11 people in one go during lunch & they occasionally ran out of stocks of things like spaghetti, buns & the potato slices; but the littlies had enormous fun wading through food like the desserts at their own pace & the salads were very tasty indeed.

It rained during lunch & the littlies fell to discussing the building’s lights (an array of 12-volt incandescents & larger flouro globes). After lunch, we stepped into a place known asMrs Flannery’s Miami” which sells “natural food” at nearly twice the price per kilo used by Kakulis Bros, but it includes some interesting items as well.

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