13 September 2006

Malaysia saves M$M$M$ with FOSS

Quoting a Technology News article:

The Malaysian government has saved up to 30 percent on information and communications technology costs among its agencies under the Open Source Software (OSS) initiative.

Nice to see Malaysia making significant, quantifiable savings from FOSS. I wonder what tricks our determined enemies will pull out of their corporate hats in an attempt to answer this?

M$ — by the way — is the standard symbol for Malaysian Ringgits.


Anonymous said...

I am very surprised by this. Malasia is the home of 90% of all piracy of dvd's, software and other materials. I would think it is easier for a Malaysian government official to goto any street corner and pickup any MS product for a few dollars, not license fees, no upgrade costs

Leon Brooks said...

I suspect that Malaysia would rather become (& stay) members of international trading communities, rather than being ostracised as a land of piracy.

There are some rather deep & meaningful pieces of pressure like that being brought to bear against the most surprising countries; it amounts to "play EXACTLY by our rules, or not at all".

Consequently, I think that Software Freedom is now in a hurry to get itself more firmly established before this kind of rule forecloses our efforts.

colin said...

RM is the symbol for malaysian currency. not M$. MYR is what it is in currency trading areas. But in malaysia, you say/write, "RM".

RM5 = 5 ringgit

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks, Mr Charles. My understanding of world currencies does need improvement.

amran said...

The initiative for this effort is driven by the goverment body named MAMPU (http://opensource.mampu.gov.my) and the technical implementation is done by Open Source Competency Center (OSCC) located in - http://oscc.org.my