12 September 2006

Lunch today at the beach...

...the bitingly cold, blowey Scarborough beach.

The food was excellent & we had a dude running around on a sailing thingy with wheels on, pulling broggies, which was entertaining.

There were also some extremely climbable trees in the playground & some excellent beach-walking — including some very heavy, very dark little stones & some interesting shells. And a cap, which said “Cowboys”. Young Ryan wore it home.

Afterwards, we stopped & looked at a bunch of surf-kiters, which was amusing in itself as one of them stepped off his board & accidentally went barefooting. We were impressed & evidently so was he.

Traffic on the way home was sluggish, once we’d got to the Gateway bridge, as the peak-hour traffic bunched up on us heavily after that.


Cameron said...

Scarborough Beach ... there, I fixed your post for you :-P

Leon Brooks said...

Sorry, Cameron, wrong Scarborough Beach. (-:

This one's stuck north of Redcliff, a suburb of Brisbane.