23 September 2006

Jane's birthday

This afternoon’s social exercise was sister-in-law’s birthday near the spring in downhill King’s Park (down on the road near the Swan Brewery). Lots of happy, well-fed people & of course happy cameras.

We had a kookaburra sit in a tree about 5 or 6m away (littlest girl often calls them “kookabuggas”) which the camera freaks all went crazy with. It also scared off (& poohed on) a couple of crowsravens. There were many wattle-birds & much bush for der kinder to crash around through.

Monica & Roslyn contributed their special character to the occasion by lobbing things like beans & pistachio nuts (“misstashio nuts” according to littlest girl) at everyone.

A good time was had by all. We even photo’ed an excellent personalised number plate on the freeway en route home.

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