27 September 2006

Instant cable repair, just hang up

I have an AmCom ADSL line & about lunch-ish the rest of the world went off-air. Australian sites worked more-or-less fine, but Australian-named sites (like google.com.au — which happened to be off-shore — didn’t.


Waited a few hours, then by 16:00 got sick of it being broken (was supposed to be gleaning data from a UK site), so called Support.

Support line’s hold-music-stuff told me that a cable had been cut & was expected back by 15:00. An hour ago. Grrr.

Shortly, a human technician spoke & told me that a fishing trawler had driven through an overseas line and he didn’t know when it would be back.

Sigh. Thank you. Hang up.

Less than 30 seconds later, it all sprang back to life.

Now I’m feeling paranoid. Who or what was watching? (-:


Sue said...

I share the paranoia with you. We never know who is watching us nowadays...

skribe said...

If you don't know you don't have a high enough security clearance =).

Leon Brooks said...

Uh, thanks, skribe, that's so relaxing. (-: