15 September 2006

Home again

The VirginBlue flight was a non-event and I cannae recall many of the later chunks of it, from which I deduce that I actually slept through part of it.

Lucy wound up being a temporary doctor & avoided having the ’plane divert to Kalgoorlie for a sick lady passenger.

Long-term airport parking worked fine & turned out to be about half the price of a pair of taxis.

Fuel is $1.21 a litre here instead of $1.08 as it typically is in Brisbane. )-:

The last afternoon there was spent at a Wynnum beach, with nifty water effects at the shore & memorable park toys (including some literally blue whales & the paddle-pool to end all paddle-pools (not shown on the satellite photo)).

I miss the family (Mills) that hosted us there already. They did many encouraging things & also supported our two littlies well. I think Aiyana would really have enjoyed the people & the stay.

Ah, well, it’s not the perfect life.

Said family is planning to move to Tasmania, so perhaps we can visit them there & spend some time “lugging rocks” (Tassie has many rocks to lug) on another day.

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