22 September 2006

dunc-tank gets slash(dott)ed

It seems that some people are difficult to please.

Statements were made to the effect that funding will stall-out or confuse Debian development — & even that Microsoft or some other puppet-master might be behind dunc-tank!

Blow that poster up? I bit my tongue — hard — & made my response to that last one short & pointed. And social.

It’s like most other FOSS: it’ll be tried (by some very smart people) & if it works it’ll be adopted; if it doesn’t, it’ll get the boot. End of story.

Besides, I think it’s something which really needs to be tried.

Remembering Mandriva’s most recent burst of funding, it won’t be painless, but it will be very much worthwhile. And it seems to work for Ubuntu reasonably well.

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