25 August 2006

SCOX digs own grave

Observe as SCOX’s past actions catch up with it; in a rabble-rousing interview of old, they said a number of things which completely, utterly undermine their latest legal tactic.

Now, how’s this go? [...hunting... ah! Thought I’d seen the like!] “I am unworthy — how can I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth.” So says the Book of Job, in chapter 40, and doesn’t it fit SCOX so precisely? (-:

What? They can’t both have their claims and eat them too? To misquote Marie Antoinette, queen of Louis XVI (actually, ’t’was said by Marie-Therese, queen of Louis XIV), “Let them eat truth!”

Now that they’ve dug it, let’s see if they’re laid to rest in it.

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