02 August 2006

Nuclear decay decaying?

A German researcher appears to have discovered how to speed up nuclear decay using metals (for the ‘free’ electrons) & low temperatures (for supercnductory-type effects).

One (specifically I) wonders what else can act to warp decay rates...

This could make implementations of Le Berm much harder to detect, and/or possibly make non-radioactive Uranium bullets, for example. The possibilities are kind of endless.


Major said...

If you speed up the decay you end up with low-uranium (or even uranium-free) uranium bullets not non-radioactive uranium bullets and disabled, not hidden, Bermes.

Leon Brooks said...

Er... it looks simple at first, but the radiation can be turned both up or down. The effects vary depending upon the elements involved, and to some extent by the processing.

There's still room for fun. (-: