22 August 2006

More like winter again

As of 06:00 this morning, the rain measure was jammed on “full” (50mm) and it's still been raining a fair bit (lightning & everything) — so while it's hardly rainforest weather, Perth seems to have finally settled on finishing up a wet winter, um, wetly.

This should make today’s running around with extra medical paperwork kind of interesting.


Leon Brooks said...

Still bucketing down unevenly an hour and a half later.

We might eventually have to mow the lawn for the first time ever if this keeps coming on down.

Leon Brooks said...

Stopped by 08:00 so I don't have to swim for the train etc. Yet. (-:

Leon Brooks said...

The rain hammered down all day, and yes, the paperwork was, um, interesting.

It took 50 minutes (from entry to exit) to drop a simple form at Centrelink, for example.

This made me kind of late for medical therapy today. That and dodging horizontal rain.

I wore an LCA2004 tee-shirt for the best effect.

Daphne said...

How come leon has three entries? Okay, here's mine. The nice thing about rain is that I don't have to stand stupidly in the middle of the lawn to water it. My plants are prettier and look fresher. Yet it's a bitch to get dressed for work and arrive at work with mud-splattered pants.

Leon Brooks said...

daphne: Leon has 3 entries 'coz he wrote this. Also, his head's not quite as square as the picture 'coz he dinged it in a bit a few months ago and the surgeons haven't restored it yet.

My answer to the mud-splattered pants is a pair of steel-toed boots. Actually, the thoroughfares between here & public transport are pretty clean anyway, so it's not a big issue.