06 August 2006

Mandriva 2007.0beta "Thor"

This performs nicely, but from the surroundings is definitely a beta; for example, the only way I could get the Live CD to install was to completely avoid “further options” and just do a plain boot; also, the “loose” RPMs are a bit of a dog’s breakfast (as you’d just about expect from a Beta), so I bolted this system directly onto Cooker (their development RPM repository), from which it can be easily updated later.

Having said all of that, KDE 3.5 is performing well, and everything else I’ve clicked on has worked as it should so far; if that’s a real benchmark towards the official release, then it’s going to be a grand one.

Making the Live CD install was pretty painless (no package selection lists, for example, so for a real customer system there might be some entertainment with the RPM management GUI afterwards), and I think anyone with half a clue about computers (Linux or lacking it) should get along with this “jess fahn”.

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