20 August 2006

Mamão para dodos!

...or, to put it in another (completely different) way, does any reader write fluent Brasilian?
br flag

If so, I could use some minor but genuine help with translating the occasional phrase for use in a book.

Not a formal, traditional book, so much as one which touches on a descendancy of Brasil’s modern culture.

If you’re interested, please email me via leon at cyberknights com au.


Major said...

Just curious, what does "descendancy" mean in this context?

Leon Brooks said...

Derived from.

In other words, the society in question is to be descended from modern Brasilian society.

This gives translation some leeway, since the culture and technology won't be exactly the same.

However, I'm looking to make the descent kind of obvious, which implies that simply inventing words and culture is not going to work so well.