06 August 2006

GIMP files get docced

The GIMP’s files have long been documented only by the code which implements them, but recently, discussions about OpenRaster format led to the actual format being formally documented at last — by developer Henning Makolm, who wrote down what he knew about the XCF format (including authorship of xdftools and reinforcement from the GIMP’s mailing lists).

This will also aid The GIMP in changing its default format, which is currently tied to its developers’ expectations and own internal structures. It’s due for massive revision in the next major GIMP release (3.0? 2.4 is going to pop soon).

The GIMP’s Summer of Code projects look interesting:

  • Vector Layers
  • Vanishing Point Cloning
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • GIMP Resource repository
  • New Brush System
  • JPEG 2000
  • Ruby Scripting
  • UI Improvements

If you’re interested at all, jump in and help now since there’s never a better time. (-: and you’ll be able to script with Ruby in it shortly :-)

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Leon Brooks said...

Ahoy! Ruby itself appears in Google's Summer of Code as well!

Bonzer! (-: