30 August 2006


Here I am, looking at a BarCampEarth report and wondering if anyone is setting up these kinds of camps anywhere in Oz?

It sounds relatively simple and easy to organise, so it might make a great city-at-a-time complement to LCA... maybe a few months beforehand, to let the BarCamp act as a kind of seeding exercise for LCA sessions?

I vaguely had in mind running an LCA on a train for a few days, but something of this nature would be so much easier to fit into a BarCamp-style arrangement, perhaps a run up from Pinjarra to Dwellingup plus an overnight stay there? The Tasmanian coaches look about right for 1-3 sessions apiece.

Or possibly a run up the Avon valley instead, perhaps to Merridin or even to Kalgoorlie? A conference with great food should be fairly popular, no?

Due to us only having a million and a half people, Perth’s railway facilities are a bite bare & nebulous (although the volunteers themselves & equipment are top-notch), so I’m sort of wondering how people in Cairns, or in Dunedin or The Alice or similar places would do this.

Sobriety would be the order of the day, of course, unless being bounced off hundreds of sleepers actually appeals to you, but your audience would be almost literally captive; but (on the third hand) to wander off with a camera between any boring sessions wouldn’t exactly be a waste of time either.

All in all, I reckon this would be an excellent little detour for people who couldn’t justify the time or cost of taking a week or so off for the main LCA, but may be enough to inspire a few of those less-willing people to step out.

This may be too adventurous for some... but if not a train, then maybe a balloon ride, with swaps every few hours for people to change sessions? Can’t go around having boring sessions, now, can we? How about a tutorial on mobile access run from balloon to balloon? (-:

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