14 August 2006

EEG scan as well

Wandered into SJoG hospital for an EEG scan last Wednesday. The map showed it stuck in the side of a carpark building west of centre, but they've moved. Apparrently, someone needed to turn the EEG scanner section into a corridor, so they moved into a small room tucked into the basement of the main block.

The EEG scan was intriguing, I had to hold my breath and focus in various places at various times, including on a blinking light some times, while 26 little contacts spread around my noggin recorded my encephalogram.

The lass who did all of this to me was very patient, quiet & polite, measuring my head & carefully sticking (literally) those contacts precisely on my skull (or in many cases technically within my skull), then driving the machine — a desk covered with lights, switches and a pedestal — which produced an inch or sour of computer paper (bigger than A4, fanfold) covered with sweeping curves.

She also took & enjoyed some dried paw-paw/papaya (ex Kakulas Bros in Northbridge [grey building with white bits of roof across from bus near centre]), demonstrating some good taste; I’ll try for dried mango next time, ’coz it’s even yummier.

I found SJoG easy to get to from either Subiaco or West Leederville railway stations.

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