30 August 2006

Another year flits by...

...so now I get to admit to being 44 years old.

That feels so very ancient... maybe now I’ll become all quiet & respectable & stuff? Nah, it’s probably too late; I may have to stay at least slightly irresponsible for a while yet.

One pleasant little birthdayism has been a “Spicy Ginger Block” of Whittakers’ dark chocolate, a tasty little surprise.

“Whittaker’s premium quality chocolate is crafted to a traditional recipe using the finest Ghanaian cocoa beans.” Very flavoursome but not perfectly healthy (29% fat, 62% carbohydrates); never mind, it’s a mere quarter-kilo and a very yummy.

It’s made in Wellington, New Zealand — the capital — which is about as close as the North Island comes to the South Island (where LCA2006 was held).

Certain government departments have still not completely decided that 42 years of living in Australia is enough to make me a Permanent Resident, but progress is being gradually made.

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