27 August 2006

11yo lock-picker

This lass is not one of mine, but her dexterity seems to be up to the task of “bumping” a five-pin tumbler lock, armed only with an “blank” key and a gadget to nudge this key with.

The technique seems to involve rattling the key up & down fast enough that all of the tumbler pins happen to cross the shearway at the edge of the chamber (bore) all at once; gentle turning while this happens simply undoes the lock.

It’s an old enough technique that Isaac Newton wrote about it before suitable locks were even invented.

Do you feel secure now?


Stephen Thorne said...

Locks are just a sign that says "please don't open my door". They don't actually stop anyone who really wants to disobey the polite request.

Scary indeed.

Leon Brooks said...

st: yup, it's just discomforting to have it pointed out by someone you'd tend to view (foolishly, methinks) as basically harmless.